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   OSHA 10 certified for all your foundation needs. Xpert Foundations Inc. is your local repair, restoration, and replacement specialist. We offer the highest quality and environmentally safe products.

If it sinks, we lift it. If it cracks, we fill it. If it crumbles, we rebuild it. If it leaks, we waterproof it. If it bows, we straighten it. If it pulls away, we push it back. If it wasn't built right the first time, we make it better than new.

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Misty Mountains
Smiling Senior Couple

Chris & Maddie, Arlington VA

We've used Xpert Foundations Inc. for a number of projects. They fixed our foundation drainage issues, poured a footer under an existing wall that did not have one, and excavated our crawl space to create an addition to our basement.

All of our dealings with Xpert have been positive - highly attentive to detail, responsive to questions, and cognizant of budget.  We call Xpert every time we need a renovation.

Happy Little Girl

Emily S, White Marsh MD

Dear Xpert Foundations Inc, thank you so much for fixing our basement. Now I have a place to play that is all my own, and I'm finally able to get a puppy. You're awesome!

Happy Family Portrait

Forest Family, Roanoke VA

Y'all saved our family room addition! When it started pulling away from the house and sinking, we thought it was going to need to be completely redone. Thankfully, you eased our minds and fixed it in time to prevent further damage to our house. Now we can finally enjoy our family time without worry. Highly recommend your business!

Xpert provides environmentally safe products and services, to keep our homes and planet safe.

Family owned and operated. We treat your home and project as though it was our own.

Our standards are high. We are run by a Class A Contractor, and Osha 10 certified. All Xpert staff receives quality training.

Xpert offers quality assurance, residential and commercial warranties.



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