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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much experience do you have?
Xpert Foundation  Inc. employs an educated and licensed staff that are extensively experienced in construction. Our Senior Contractor is a licensed Class A Contractor in Virginia, is licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, and has been certified/trained in foundation repair and evaluation. He also has taken Soil Science courses, has had 35+ years experience in the construction field, and 30+ years experience in the steel industry. For 20+ years he has specialized in the installation of piers.


2. If I have a settling problem will it get worse or better, will it eventually stop settling?
This depends on a few things. What type of soil was the structure built on? If it was expansive soil, it will keep going up and down. If it was built on fill dirt it will keep compressing. Drastic changes in weather and drainage also are huge contributing factors. It’s hard to say if it will stop, it could stop for a while, then suddenly get worse. There isn’t a guarantee if you wait to see what happens, the more damage sustained, the more it will cost to fix it. But the problem is fixed, it will no longer settle. So, it’s a gamble if you allow the settling to continue, and you are risking the stability and safety of the structure. It will only get better if you have it repaired.


3. After the foundation is repaired, how soon should we wait to do cosmetic repairs on the inside, to fix the cracks?
You should wait four to six months to repair it, the structure needs time to adjust or equalize to it’s new position.


4. Can I buy your Piers, and install them myself?
No, Pier installation is a specialty field, a lot like being a Heart or Brain Surgeon. Only those that are certified and extensively trained, in all six aspects of foundation stabilization (site inspection, the pier selection process, loads, soil science, pier placement and inspection, and lifting procedures.), can install them. Plus, it takes special equipment to install them, and to use the equipment you also have to be trained.


5. Do we need a Building Permit?
In most cases a Building Permit and an Engineer Report is required by the city or county where the project is located.


6. Do you offer temporary fixes?
No. Although, temporary fixes may be initially cheaper, in the long term they cost more money, because they don’t actually work. The problem is still there, and you will have to keep repairing it, keep spending more money. We strive not only to be cost effective, but to solve problems the right way by offering permanent solutions.


7. Is it more cost effective to repair the damaged foundation or demolish it and built a new one?
It depends on the amount of the damage, after evaluating the property, we can help you explore all the options. In most cases it is more cost effective to repair the damage, if the foundation is replaced it will still need to be stabilized. Whether repairing or replacing, the underlying cause still has to be addressed or the problem will continue. During and after our Certified Evaluation process, you will be able to discuss with one of our Foundation Specialists the most beneficial way to proceed.


8. Are you just Residential or do you handle Commercial Projects as well?
Yes, we offer many commercial grade products and services.

9. Do you offer Engineering?

Yes, we happily provide it for an additional fee.

10. Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, and we provide proof of both upon request to our clients.

11.  Do you offer free home estimates?
We do you offer free estimates to home owners, in our service area, whose homes are not on the market. Listed home owners can contact us for an estimate quote.

12. Do you offer home inspections?
No. We offer complete foundation evaluations but are not Home Inspectors.

13. Do you install new foundations or replace old ones?
Yes, we do both. If you are building a new home or addition we can pour your foundation, or replace your existing one.

14. Do you raise or lower foundations?
Yes, we do full foundation dig-outs, to give you a full basement or add more head room. 


Did you find the answers you need? If not contact us, we're be happy to help:
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