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Testimonials From Virginia and Maryland

Misty Mountains
Happy Man

Larry B, Blacksburg VA

Sitting on my porch at the end of a long day is my thing. When it started settling and became crooked, I had to get it fixed. You can't relax in a titled chair. A buddy of mine mentioned Xpert Foundations, who repaired his sinking garage. All I can say is I’m thrilled with the way you all fixed my sinking porch. It's solid and straight as an arrow now. Great job, guys!

Smiling Couple

John & Susan K, Annapolis MD

Hiring Xpert was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. They had some really creative ideas for our home repair and gave our requirements careful consideration. The outcome was better than we had thought possible, they even stayed within our budget.

Happy Family in Nature

Rose Family, Richmond VA

Our home is historic. We were faced with having to build a new chimney that had to blend in with our existing stone. Matching it was going to cost us a small fortune. Xpert knew what needed to be done and listened to what we wanted. They were able to repair and reattach our old chimney at a very reasonable price. They even matched the mortar. It was such a relief! We’d recommend Xpert Foundations to our friends and family, so that’s saying a lot.

Misty Mountains
Senior Man

Alfred G, Abingdon VA

What I required was not a quick fix. My home was built without a proper foundation. I had questions that baffled several estimators, and I don't settle without thorough research. Xpert Foundations was knowledgeable, presented references, and had very accommodating staff. The results showed quality work. I'm very pleased, thank you.

Woman with Blue Tanktop

Margerie J, Frederick MD

Without your house call I would have had no idea that the main beam in my basement needed to be replaced. Not only were you kind and skilled, you saved my house!

Farmer and Son

Tim C, Lexington VA

Just wanted to let you all know how grateful I am that you took the time to explain everything to my father. He doesn't handle change well, and I couldn't be there for the entire project. But I knew he'd be taken care of and I wouldn't have to worry because of the repair you did on my house. You do good work, that's a given; you also go the extra mile. The steps look like new and there is no more water in the basement. You even manged to keep his rose bush alive, that's great service!

Misty Mountains

Susan R, Salem VA

I called Xpert Foundations today because of an unexpected problem with my home's foundation. It was an urgent matter because contractors were in our home installing flooring. I left a detailed message and actually had a call back within the hour. The Contractor, Luis, asked for my address and said he would be able to stop over between jobs. I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to have called this company. He carefully examined the problem area in the foundation and explained exactly what my options for fixing it were. I would unequivocally recommend this company to anyone needing work in their home or business. This company does much more than foundation work. Luis is a pro with a great team. He takes his time in assessing the problem and patiently explains how it can be fixed. Outstanding company!

Man in Nature

Frank W, Shenandoah VA

Luis and his team did an excellent job on our 107-year old farmhouse. Weather delayed the start of the project, but once underway, it went smoothly and quickly. Of course we are extremely happy that our house is now resting on a solid foundation (and you can feel just how much more solid it is, which gives us a great sense of security), but the best part for us is how comfortable the encapsulation and insulation has made our home. It's no longer cold and damp; the floors aren't cold; and the air quality is dramatically improved. Luis promised that there would be a dramatic difference in the comfort level of our home and there is. It is so warm and cozy -- just in time for the delayed winter. We had a competitive bid from another provider, but we are very happy we went with Xpert. Luis has had decades of construction experience, which showed on the job. He notices everything and stays on top of all of the details. He also graciously helped us with advice on other projects we are planning that are completely unrelated to the foundation work he was doing. In terms of cost, while an expensive project overall, we feel that we got our money's worth. When the project was underway and hidden problems that required additional work came to light (literally), Luis worked with us to keep the cost as low as possible. We are very glad we chose Xpert and highly recommend.

Portrait of a Senior Man

Carl T, Ellicott City MD

Well, turns out there was a spring under our home. We couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from and, of course, it got worse when it rained. Our drainage system wasn’t cutting it. Go figure. We had several estimators come out to look at it. Most of them just wanted to put another fancier sump pump in. So glad we called Xpert Foundations, Luis was the first to figure out there was a spring. He recommended more than just a sump pump and explained that the water needed to be diverted down slope from our home in the back. I thought: Golly! What’s this going to cost? Considering we were offered a permanent solution and not a band aid, our savings was going to take a huge hit. It was either that or embrace the water and have an indoor koi pond. But seriously, the cost was reasonable. Though the project couldn’t be fixed in a day, it didn’t take them as long as I anticipated. What took the longest was the permit office, which had nothing to do with them. In the end, it was worth the extra days, and guess what? Our basement is now bone-dry. Can you imagine, I just wanted it under control. Xpert made sure it was no longer an issue. We’re very grateful! Maybe now I can set-up my man-cave without needing galoshes.

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